We seek to generate absolute returns by employing an Activist investment strategy among Japanese listed equities.
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Strategic Capital, Inc.

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CHORI CO., LTD. 2016

◆July 1st 2016

Strategic Capital, Inc. participated in the annual shareholders meeting of CHORI CO., LTD.(TSE Code 8014) as an investment fund manager of JAPAN-UP UNIT TRUST in June 2016.

The followings are the Q&A session with the managements of the company and members of Strategic Capital Inc. at the shareholders meeting. It is also available to view the minutes of general meeting of shareholders.

The annual shareholders meeting of CHORI (TSE Code 8014)

◆June 16th 2016

Strategic Capital, Inc sent a letter to shareholders of CHORI .,LTD.
Corporation (TSE Code 8014) for the up-coming annual general meeting of shareholders in June of 2016. The purpose of the letter is to inform shareholders of our proposals. Expecting the shareholders will approve our proposals, we inform the shareholders of the confirmation of receipt by the company and publically make the announcement.

Re: The Execution of Voting Form at the Shareholder's Meeting
To foreign investors Re: The Execution of Voting Form at the Shareholder's Meeting (English version)

◆April 11th 2016

Strategic Capital, Inc. is under a discretionary investment contract with INTERTRUST TRUSTEES (CAYMAN) LIMITED SOLELY IN ITS CAPACITY AS TRUSTEE OF JAPAN-UP (hereinafter referred to as the "Fund") which holds 3.82% (sum of accounts represented by multiple standing proxies) of the outstanding share of CHORI CO.,LTD (hereinafter referred to as "CHORI ")..(TES Code 8014).

Strategic Capital, Inc is pleased to announce that, on April 6, 2016, the Fund notified CHORI of its execution of the shareholders’ right to make a proposal at the annual shareholder meeting held in June 2016 and confirmed that, on April 7,2016, CHORI received the documents of the proposal.

A brief detail of the proposal of the Fund is as followings.

To foreign investors: About the Shareholder Proposals to CHORI CO., LTD. (English version)