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Status Change

Status Change

The deadline for status change under Designate Professional Investors System

Under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, clients that are distinguished and separated as two the status of investors 1) “designated professional investors, Professional Investors” and 2) “non-designated professional investors, Investors”. In cases where the clients are considered to be Professional Investors, there are partial exemptions needed for Financial Instruments Business Operators for compliance to the Law with respect to the responsibilities of exchanging contracts physically beforehand. Under certain circumstances, it is permitted to transfer investors status from “Investors” to “Professional Investors”
Under our internal rule, the “deadline” to transfer from “Investors” to “Professional Investors” should be principally completed within one year from the date of the first August 31st after the approval date of such a transfer is requested. (Even if the date is a national holiday in Japan) After the “deadline” date the clients that have been requested to transfer from “Professional Investors” to “Investors” and wish to renew, should apply for it within the time specified as “deadline”. In addition, after the approval date to transfer the status of investors, Strategic Capital Inc. will accept the former status to become “Investors” at any time.