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Team Profile

Team Profile

Tsuyoshi Maruki

Tsuyoshi Maruki
(President & CEO)

Tsuyoshi started his career with Nomura Securities where he underwrote hundreds of deals for Japanese companies and government agencies; led IPOs for the privatization of national companies; advised government agencies on injecting funds into Japanese banks; and was responsible for the tender offering of a Japanese listed subsidiary of a US company.
In 1999, he helped launch M&A Consulting (later called MAC Asset Management) where he was Head of Investment Management for the first activist fund in Japan.
In 2012, he founded Strategic Capital as both president & CEO and subsequently launched the Japan Up activist strategy fund in December of that year.
Tsuyoshi holds a B.A. in Law from Tokyo University.
ICGN Member.

Dan Kato

Dan Kato
(Senior Managing Director)

Dan Kato started his career with Norinchukin Bank where he invested across a broad set of asset classes and was responsible for establishing and managing the firm’s alternate assets portfolio.
In 2004, he joined M&A Consulting as part of the investing team followed by a role as an investment manager at Aetos Japan where he invested in real estate related public investments.
In 2012, he helped found Strategic Capital where he is a key contributor on all investment decisions on the fund.
Dan Kato has a B.A. from Tokyo University and M.B.A. from the UCLA Anderson Business School.

Masaru Konno

Masaru Konno
(Director, COO&CRO)

After involving in Institutional Sales business in Tokyo and New York, MK developed his career in managerial role at overseas offices of Nomura Securities (Amsterdam, Zurich and Mumbai). As for Asset Management business, MK was a former non-executive director at Nomura Asset Management (2011-13) and CEO at Nomura Bank Luxembourg (2014-19). MK has 26-year overseas working experiences in total, in addition to Senior Managing Director at Nomura Holdings, Inc. (2011-14). MK joined SBI Securities in 2020 mainly for Overseas Business Administration and Investment Trust business.
In June 2022, MK joined Strategic Capital as COO and CRO, and was appointed a director of the company in Oct of the same year.
B.A. : Keio University, Japan and M.B.A. : George Washington University, USA.

Shinichi Nakashio

Shinichi Nakashio
(Outside Director)

Mr. Nakashio joined the Shinko Audit Corporation (formerly Chuo Shinko Audit Corp) in 1987 after starting his career in the apparel industry. He later joined Toyo Audit Corp in 1992.
During his career he focused primarily on auditing of schools and public interest corporations as well as on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and corporate law. He also provided advice on M&A and corporate reorganizations.
In 2015, he joined Strategic Capital as the external corporate auditor. Upon retiring from chairman of Toyo, he assumed the role of outside director for the company.
Mr. Nakashio has a B.A. in Economics from Keio University.

Masahiro Ono

Masahiro Ono
(CCO & Internal Auditor)

Masahiro started his career with Nippon Credit Bank where he had a wide range of responsibilities in the International and Investment Banking Divisions including liquidation of receivables, asset securitization and helping to set-up and represent the Jakarta Office.
In 2000, he moved to Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance where he played critical roles in legal and compliance including a stint in London covering international legal affairs and cross-border M&A.
Masahiro joined Strategic Capital in 2021 as the Chief Compliance Officer and Internal Auditor.
Masahiro has an LLB from Waseda University and a JD from Tsukuba University Law School.
He has written two books, one on Weather Derivatives, the other on Enterprise Risk Management.

Tomoko Hatakeyama

Tomoko Hatakeyama
(General Manager of Administration)

Tomoko started her career at Shinsei Bank within the Institutional Banking Division where she was responsible for managing relations with corporate customers.
She later joined Globis Corporation to help develop the organizational and HR frameworks for financial and media-related companies.
During that time, Tomoko managed to study abroad and complete a Master’s in Digital Sociology from Goldsmiths, University of London.
Tomoko’s career would also take her to Mizuho bank’s local branch in Germany as well as MC Aviation Partners (currently known as AMCK Aviation) where she held roles in corporate finance and treasury.
She joined Strategic Capital in 2021 to oversee Administration and Risk Management.
In addition to her Master’s degree, Tomoko has a B.A. from Hitotsubashi University in Japan.

Tak Yamashita, CFA

Tak Yamashita, CFA
(Director Investor Relations)

Tak worked at Toronto Dominion Bank in Toronto, Canada within the asset management team and was responsible for managing the fund of funds products for the division.
In 2014, he moved to Japan with Russell Investments providing manager research on Japanese equity managers before joining Strategic Capital in 2019 to cover investor relations.
Tak has a B.B.A from Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and is also an FRM.

Junki Nagano

Junki Nagano

Junki started his career at Nippon Life Insurance Company (Nissay) where he had a wide range of responsibilities including domestic & international business planning and cross-border M&A.
In 2018, he moved to London through a Nissay/Schroders joint venture to become a European equity fund manager & analyst. Upon his return to Japan, he continued his focus on investments as the Head of Foreign Equities where he was engaged as both a strategist and a PM.
Junki joined Strategic Capital in 2023 as an analyst on the investment team.
Junki has B.A. from Hokkaido University.

Ei Nagaoka

Ei Nagaoka

Ei Nagaoka started his career at the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs in Tokyo as an M&A advisor. He also engaged in client coverage mainly for the healthcare and the gaming industry.
In 2020, he joined Strategic Capital as the analyst for its investment team.
Ei has a B.A. from Hitotsubashi University.

Jun Mamiya
(Statutory Auditor)

Mr. Mamiya completed the Supreme Court of Japan’s Legal Research and Training Institute in 1988 after which he primarily focused on corporate legal affairs including corporate governance and financing.
In 2008, he started his own law practice which he later merged with the Japanese arm of Squire Patton Boggs (named Squire Foreign Law Joint Business Law firm) to serve as partner.He covered a broad range including M&A, corporate restructuring, compliance, joint ventures, franchising, intellectual property rights, labor, investment funds, private equity and capital markets, international leasing, loans as well as litigation, international arbitration and other forms of dispute resolutions.
Mr. Mamiya has a law degree from Kyushu University.